The best business in 2015, process the tailing ore ex gold cyanide Leaching.

Dear Angel investors, private investors, passive investors, philantrophies

My name Hary Setiawan, I have ran this blog since 2009, actually my biz existed since 2006-2007, herewith I would like to introduce you all with the best prospectous gold mining biz in this planet.

In Indo in all major island of Indo you can find tailing ore ex gold cyanide leaching, million of tonnes lied there from Aceh to Papua, these artisinal miners/villagers miners or illegal gold miners alone have million tonnes of them.

I just locate this focus in one major city/province in Sulawesi which having million tonnes of tailing ore ex gold cyanide leaching.

I have been test that 15 kg wet tailing still can produced 0,6 gram of gold with using amalgamation process only, you can imagine (to whom who understanding re mineral processing already!), using amalgamation over tailing ex used cyanide leaching? How come, what a tailing??? This is the best ever gold tailing in this planet.

This tailing was quartz, non sulphide of course, just take it & regrinding then re cyanide leaching, I got almost double result than amalgamation using system!!! What a tailing is this???!!! (prior result is not a measurement as future result, result depend on many factors, can be less or can be much much more buddy!!!)

Recently me & friends mate already proceed these tailing, almost 3-4 years ago we have started, poorly it only small scale compare with the huge of the resources of tailing ready in stock. that is way we trying to seek and find or looking for investors for this business.

The biz environment was very condusive, safety is best among the best, it legal under cooperation/koperasi, last but not least is the superb location, it only 30-45 minutes from airport mate!!! (most gold mining were far far away from airport, is that correct?).

This is the best ever opportunity only for serious investor with plenty of money only, not for ******* bull**** investors or 69er fraud investors on internet, go to hell with your bull****

I will show you the tailing material, the process result from A to Z using amalgamation & cyanide leaching you see your self & take you to the location, these fair enough for you?

But before these happen, pls show me your proof of fund that you have money and ready, able & willing to make JV biz with me & my mates.

Re CapEx & OpEx, we can discuss further to get win win atmosphere, as long all parties involved happy!

For philanthroper this offer also fit for you due it can help development country to encouraged the poor people or you can help the peoples around the gold mining location, tailing rather than let them digg and digging to get the head grade ore to seek e.g gold vain etc.

Apologise for my worst or bad English.

Anyone interesting, pls contact my self at :

Hary Setiawan
Co owner Action Mining Services Indonesia
qq PT. Imperium Centrebiz
Pantai Mentari TH 08, Kenjeran 60123
Surabaya - Indonesia
Phone : +62.31.3814543
Cell : +6281213064569
Email :

I. Sedia Solar HSD
Di jual solar HSD langsung dari kilang minyak di Bojonegoro, harga sangat menarik (lebih rendah dari Pertamina), minimal order 500 KL, kontrak 12 bulan.

Harga selalu berubah  setiap 2 minggu atau 1 bulan 2x perubahan. harga di tanggal 16 sd 30 September R 5400/liter, harga ambil sendiri di port Lamongan atau ambil sendiri dengan truk tangki.

Harga patokan Pertamina saat itu Rp 7400/liter. pembeli harus memiliki INU/Izin Niaga Umum.

Sistem pembayaran CBD/Cash Before delivery FOB tanker di Lamongan port, MOU minimal 1 tahun/12 bulan dan harga menyesuaikan Pertamina tetapi dijamin lebih rendah!!!

Jika berminat, silahkan hubungi Hary Setiawan 0812 1306 4569 & 0857 3111 0739.

II. Sedia Spiral Separator/Konsentrator

Dear kastamer
Di seluruh Indonesia

Spiral konsentrator ready stock spek Diameter 90 cm x Tinggi 4 meter, kapasitas 1 ton an/jam, fungsi alat untuk membuat konsentrat emas dll, sangat efektif dan bisa di satukan dengan fungsi meja konsentrator sebagai pembuat konsentrat final.

Harga spiral konsentrator spek diatas Rp 45 juta nego.

Jika berminat silahkan hubungi Hary Setiawan 0812 1306 4569 atau email

III. Abandoned land looking forward worlwide investors
Dear Worldwide Investors

I have 40 ha abandon land in Central Kalimantan Indonesia, this land fit for tambak udang or shrimp hatchery etc, I am ready to give you exclusively right to use my land almost for free except I only ask profit share/stock under 15%, guaranteed.

As long we both and all parties happy, I can let these area for serious and professional investors, anyone interesting, please contact me Hary Setiawan to or cell phone +62 812 1306 4569 tks

IV. Need worldwide investors for gold mining land owner
Dear Investors

We have several gold mining area in Indonesia which needs investors.

The locations were in Papua, Sulawesi, Aceh, Kalimantan etc.

Further details about them, please contact me Hary Setiawan to or +62 812 1306 4569 my cell phone number.